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Beno May


Beno May was fortunate to grow up in the 50's and 60's with a recording engineer as his father.  He was able to attend many recording sessions with some of the top artists of the day.  These experiences inspired him to get involved in the recording business.

His first job was with Howard Holzer in the spring of 1968.  Howard's company, HAECO, was building the consoles for the soon to be A&M Recording and Mastering Studios.

In 1972, he was hired to the technical staff of A&M studios headed by Roy DuNann, a long time engineer and electronics genius.  At that time, Bernie Grundman was head of mastering.  When Roy DuNann retired in 1985, Beno was asked to take over his position as head of R&D and technical services of A&M Mastering.

In 1984, he started teaching technical classes in the recording arts program at the University of Southern California. He retired from teaching in 2004.  It was a wonderful experience, and some of his former students are among his best colleagues today.

When Bernie left A&M Mastering in 1984 to open his own company, he took Beno to lunch and told him that someday he would be expanding his operation.  That day came in 1996 when Bernie, along with his partner and Beno's longtime friend Karl Bischof, asked him to join them in their new plans.  Beno remarked that "they are the only ones I would have left my position at A&M Mastering for."   With some strong encouraging from his wife, he made the decision to come on board Bernie Grundman Mastering.  It has been a tremendous twelve years, involving the building of new facilities in both Hollywood and Tokyo.

Beno May is the "Head Technical Engineer" at Grundman Mastering and an integral part of the studio's world-class staff of engineers and support people.





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