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Disc Cutting System


Disc cutting is alive and well at Bernie Grundman Mastering, and very active. Whether for aggressive high powered club, hip hop and pop releases, or conservative high quality audiophile product, and anywhere in between, the mastering room is fully equipped with a wide variety of equipment to serve our clients needs.

The Bernie Grundman Mastering disc mastering console was hand built by our technical engineers.  Its design is the same as with our other consoles, but with the addition of preview signal paths.  The console can be fed from our custom made solid state or tube tape electronics, computer, cd, dat etc..  In turn, the console output can be fed to either tube or solid state cutters for disc mastering, or to analog tape, high resolution computer files, or other digital medium for archival purposes.  All analog tape and digital playback equipment is program/preview capable.

Two cutting lathes are installed in this studio.  The first is a high powered, solid state lathe fitted with a stereo Haeco cutter head and driven by our own proprietary amplifier system.  The second has a stereo Westrex cutter head driven by a refurbished Haeco vacuum-tube amplifier.   True mono cutter heads and amplifiers are also available.  Both lathes were manufactured by Scully and are mounted on pneumatic isolation tables.  Modifications include custom head suspensions and heavy duty, phase lock motors   Sontec disc cutting computers control variable pitch and depth for maximizing signal on the disc.

The monitors, as with our other rooms, are all Tannoy components and our special custom made passive crossovers with custom made baffles, and bi-amplified with vintage Crown amplifiers. The sound is comfortable and neutral for ease in making good judgements.

The disc mastering studio is a dedicated room, and is ready to go whenever the highest quality masters, reference discs, or copies for archiving are needed.  The spacious lobby adjacent to the studio has even been converted to a performance space for direct-to-disc recording projects!




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