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20% of the top albums are mastered at
Bernie Grundman Mastering

We take special care of you & your music

We’ve lead the world with hits, technology
& results since 1983

100% of our gear is OUR DESIGN Or Modified

The highest quality mastering in the music industry straight from Hollywood!

Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood is a mastering facility that specializes in the final creative adjustments to optimize recordings for maximum effectiveness before commercial release or demonstration use. We are masters at mastering! Our full service mastering studio offers unmatched experience at the most competitive prices from Hollywood to Santa Monica!

Our products are high quality masters for replication, and reference discs for critical evaluation. We also master for vinyl pressing, and 5.1 DVD surround sound in fully dedicated rooms for each purpose. In addition we can supply computer files for archiving or future work.

We also have a full technical staff to insure that projects progresses smoothly without any technical delays. Within the studio there are six mastering suites, two production rooms, shop, library and various other support offices and areas. There is also subterranean parking for our client's convenience!

Over the years we have been refining our studios to help our clients realize the maximum potential of their project. Today, we still believe in that pursuit. Get in touch with us so that we can guide you through the mastering process. We will get your record done!

We can do:

  • Single song mastered
  • EP - up to five songs
  • LP - six songs or more
  • Double LP mastering
  • Vinyl mastering
  • CD for duplication
  • Digital Mastering
  • 5.1 Mastering
  • MFIT - mastered for Itunes
  • Audiophile mastering
  • Wave & MP3
  • CD production mastering

Mastering is not one size fits all – meet our Engineers capable to handle every type of project you can imagine!

Our Engineers