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20% of the top albums are mastered at
Bernie Grundman Mastering

We take special care of you & your music

We’ve lead the world with hits, technology
& results since 1983

100% of our gear is OUR DESIGN Or Modified

The highest quality mastering in the music industry in Los Angeles!

The team behind Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood specializes in the final creative adjustments that optimize recordings for maximum effectiveness before commercial release or demonstration use. The mastering systems at Bernie Grundman Mastering are designed and built in-house by our technical staff. Everything created under our supervision or with our equipment will have the highest quality sound. Along with our studio is a 1,200 square foot fully stocked shop. Not only does this provide ample facilities for R&D and maintenance of our systems, but also allows for on-the-spot support for any sessions in progress.

Our full service mastering facility offers unmatched experience at the most competitive prices around Los Angeles! Our services are equally accessible to music’s biggest artists as well as unknown artists. Our 20+ years of experience with the same engineers has given us a great deal of knowledge in every style of music. Our proprietary equipment is modified to achieve the best sound possible for your record. Our mastering room is fully equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment to serve each of our clients needs. From indie artists, to label-backed artists, vinyl mastering and digital mastering, we can do it all!