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We at Bernie Grundman Mastering have been at the forefront of the mastering business since 1984. Our studio philosophy is to maintain the highest quality equipment and engineering expertise to work synergistically to turn out recordings of the highest caliber. To achieve our goals, we have a full time technical staff that design, build and maintain our custom proprietary systems. Even our commercially made equipment is improved to perform better. We have the flexibility to bypass everything in the signal path, then add processing as needed. Our systems are designed so that we can easily compare to the original master to precisely determine if we are moving in a positive direction. This is all consistent with our passion to serve the music by maintaining it's musicality. We are also aware of the unique considerations that are determined by the type of music and the market our clients are trying to compete in. Whether it is audiophile for the purest natural sound, or down and dirty street music, we have dealt with it.

Everything we do is to help our client's project be the best it can be. We want to enhance the emotional impact of the music, so the listener can fully realize the intention of the music for a more satisfying experience. If this can be accomplished, then the music stands a better chance of being successful.

All of us here want your project to be successful, and a lot of effort has gone into building a facility capable of that goal. Our experience can make the difference.




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