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Art and Architecture

The current facility of Bernie Grundman Mastering was the result of many years of growth, and also trying to deal with various shortcomings of the previous location. Our original 6054 Sunset Blvd. location had no decent parking and not near enough space to accommodate all our needs. When we acquired the 1640 Gower building, we were finally in a position to design what we felt was the ideal mastering facility. We started by hiring the architectural team of Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann Ray of Studio Works, Los Angeles, where they both design and teach architecture. They choose projects that they can take a personal interest in, and nothing is done in a "business as usual" way. It took many months of design and almost a year to remodel the whole interior of the existing building.

In designing the studio, we wanted to stay away from the typical office building look, with dropped ceilings etc. Instead, the concept was to have the effect of a small village of mastering rooms under the natural contours of the existing ceiling structure. To accomplish this, the entire ceiling was covered in the shape of the roof's structural members, and then each mastering suite was designed as a separate entity with it's own lounge, machine room and library.

When one takes a walk through the facility, there are a variety of shapes and areas that reveal themselves in an unpredictable way that keeps ones interest stimulated. There are six mastering suites, two proofing and production rooms, library, conference room, three private offices, kitchen, employees lounge, and a large reception area. One of the main focal points of the studio is the espresso bar, with a 20 foot ebony wood counter that functions as a central unifying social area. There is also subterranean parking for 16 cars. The facility has a total of 20,000 square feet on each level. One last, but very important aesthetic element, is the fine art found throughout the studio. While being unusual to display art, a whole added dimension of experience for our clients and employees is felt and appreciated. All of the paintings are by Bernie's wife, Claire Chene, who has been a painter all her life, and is represented by FIG gallery in the Bergamont Station Complex in Santa Monica, California. Having all of this in a self contained building under one roof is truly an ideal environment for everyone.

A lot of effort has gone into making a studio that is comfortable and satisfying to be in, as well as being able to function at the highest level to deliver superior mastering to our clients.


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